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Monday, July 20, 2015

which Malaysian state comes to your mind when i say "beach, sea and foodie"? well of course it is no other than Penang, the land where both my parents grew up at. and the fact that i only return to that island once or maximum twice a year makes me crave to head over there right now for a short trip! especially when most of you are probably still in the midst of enjoying your Hari Raya holidays right now and i'm stuck at work...

i would say the best option to travel to Penang is definitely by car as you'll be able to move around easily to hunt for food places and who knows you might even bump into random beautiful places! but if you opt to fly over, you can always book the cheapest flights and hotels via Traveloka and then rent a car to drive round the island.

now now, here's why i really want to head on to Penang for an adventurous yet relaxing trip. 

Strolling through Penang Old Street

Penang Old Street | Image Source: Google

take some time off and stroll through these old streets while listening to dad and mum's nostalgic childhood stories are the best things to do as they once stayed at the different streets here back then. not forgetting the delicious local foodies that you can find in any of the restaurants.

Praying at Hong San Keong Temple

Left - 2013 | Right - 2015

Hong San Keong is also known as the Ghaut Temple. well, every Chinese New Years eve, my family would hop at 7 different temples and this is my favourite temple of all. but there are so many other temples in Penang, what's so special about this? i'd say it's beautifully structured, clean and non-smoky! and every year without fail i would snap a picture with this beautifully craved dragon/turtle statue outside after touching it for good luck. non-locals may not have heard of this place but it is located deep inside the housing areas of Mccallum Street (Lebuh Mccallum).

for more details of the temple, HERE (don't say i didn't share)

Indulge in Penang’s famous culinary scene

Left - Hokkien Mee aka Prawn Mee | Right - Char Kuey Tiow

how can i resist enjoying all the delicious foodie - Char Kuey Tiao (with duck egg), Chee Cheong Fun (w lots of prawn paste - Penang style), Hokkien Mee aka Prawn Mee from Genting Restaurant @ Lorong Delima, Asam Laksa, Cendol...oh my i can't stop drooling already. ahh and i don't recommend you going to tourisy places like New Lane. let's not forget my very own Master Chef - granny for her delicious cooking too! teehee.

A Relaxation Island

View of Jerejak Island from Penang | Image Source: Google

and if you have time to spare, besides heading to Feringghi Beach, you can always opt to head over to Jerejak Island across Queensbay Mall! an island away from another island eh? just imagine the beautifully white sand on the beaches and the sounds of the sea. ahhhh perfect!

Penang Map | Image Source: Google

and last but now least, down to some really localized tour guiding tip in Penang. if you're driving, go on a road trip and drive along Gertak Sanggul to Balik Pulau for some delicious durians at the orchard (provided if its in season!) and als Pantai Acheh (named after the Tsunami incident) then to Teluk Bahang and hike to Keracut to enjoy some escape adventure. at the end of the day, head on to Batu Feringghi for some delicious seafood or you can also opt to drop by at the beautifully renovated Kek Lok Si temple for some old grand aunty curry mee at the market below!

Loke Thye Kee Residence | Image Source: Traveloka

with all the drive around town, you'll definitely need to grab some awesome rest so don't forget to head on to Traveloka to book your hotels at the most reasonable rates! i'd suggest this beautiful heritage hotel - Loke Thye Kee Residence! Search for more Hotels in Penang: HERE!

ahhh! looking forward to my trip back to Penang in November!!!
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