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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

falling in love may be as easy as it seems. truth is that it is not all sunshine and rainbow. it takes a lot of hard work in maintaining the relationship but i am truly glad to have found this one person that i would like to spend the rest of my life with.

in this series of the shoot, i won't be able to reveal the location as i loaned the place at a pretty last minute timing and the owner would like to keep it private. nevertheless i thank them for allowing me to use the space for the shoot.

although we had very limited space and time to work around plus the need to stand on chairs, we're really really happy that the pictures turned out awesome! and i'm pretty sure we have more themed shoots to come! teehee...

the theme of this shoot is obviously Celebrating Love whereby you will see lots of hugs and kisses (basically almost all photos are hugs and kisses). the usual "pre-wedding-ish" kinda shoot. but no, it isn't a pre-wedding shoot.

ahhh i'm totally in love with my tulle skirt! it's so pretty and puffy!!! but the boyfie wouldn't really want me to wear this on a daily basis. so i guess the next time i'm wearing it is probably on my birthday. teehee!

and oh, i got mine at 56cm which is just long enough to cover my knees!

again, we would like to thank everyone for making this shoot come true!

Photographer: Vince | ShutterbugVK
Photography Assistant: Khai Yen
Bouquet: You & Co.

Hair (Yumi): Amy @ Number76 Bangsar2
Hair (Justin): Han @ Number76 Bangsar2

as for our #OOTD

on him
Shirt: H&M | Leather Pants: Topman | Sneakers: Converse

on her
White Top: Twenty3 | Tulle Skirt: Bon Bon Boutique | Sneakers: Converse | JC Inspired Boots: Agape
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