Darts | MSDO Championship 2015 & The World x R E G I S T R A T I O N

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

in two months time, the most anticipated tournament of the year organized by I Darts Malaysia is back! and if i say i'm not excited, i'm definitely lying to you! this time around its MSDO x The World will be happening side by side! which means, we will all get to play with/against the best!

this time it's even bigger and better! with 2 doubles medley games (just like previous years), this time we've a new addition to the random hook ups, not only Doubles but Trios as well! (woohoo!) plus the fact that there isn't any clashes with Japan Soft Darts Tour, i'm really hoping to see some really awesome Japanese players and of course hoping to partner them in the Random Hook Up games!!!

closing date of The World  entries is September 9th (Wed.) but they may close entries before the date without prior notice when all 256 spots are filled.

so don't say i didn't tell you, registration starts today until all slots are taken up! hurry up and submit your entries now! you wouldn't want to miss playing with and against the players from all over the world would you? and don't miss your chance to play in The World (without having to fly out of the country coz that saves you a lot of money) because if you never try, you'll never know how far you can go! (who knows you might just win top players like Ray Carver or Haruki Muramatsu?)

get your forms downloaded or submit your applications here now and submit them to I Darts Malaysia team! 
(click on link)

for more information on The World: HERE | find out on your eligibility: HERE
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