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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

over the past few weeks i've been practicing and training hard for last Sunday's Johnnie Walker Cup. as i've said in my previous blog post: HERE, this is one of the most anticipated tournaments of the year.

and then we headed over to Trinity for my warm up while waiting for Nick to arrive and for Game On at 5pm. but of course, lots of group photos before the matches begin at about 5pm.

we played our first game against Willie & Vinic and scored 2-1 against them with my double 12 check out (omg that check out was really scary as it was do or die) and then we waited for another 2 teams to play before it was our turn against Pak Loong & Adrix which we scored 2-1 as well. we then lost to Ivan & Leon (they're really good) at 0-2 and our final game was our deciding game as we really needed the win to qualify but we missed our check out and lost at 1-2.

as there were 3 teams in my grouping that scored 2 points, we had to play count up and by then it was already 8.30pm. way past dinner time and i was really really hungry. :( hence, i didn't perform as well anymore.

overall the whole match was pretty intense i would say. tough fights against the strong contenders as our combined rating was the lowest among our grouping with 16 as maximum while we were only at 14.

it was pretty much a waste but a miss is as good as a mile. time to train more for my next game at Stage 3 with a new partner!

the organizing team definitely did a great job in making sure that the games started on time and there weren't delays. kudos to the super awesome Nic Lim & very handsome Bryan Heng for the awesome organizing!

if you're into playing darts, don't forget to drop by at Trinity for an awesome night of fun as they have 13 dart machines in there with lots of space for you to roam around as well (so it's not overly packed) and you'll definitely have your chance of game play instead of having to wait for other people to finish their games!

so if you're wondering where Trinity is located at? it simply is at the iconic Jaya One!

Trinity @ Jaya One
39 & 41 LG2 Block C,
72A Jalan 13/6, Section 13, PJ

and oh yes, here comes a big announcement! i've renewed my sponsorship with Cosmo Darts / Fit Flight for my 3rd consecutive year and upgraded myself to a Juggler Queen as well! woohooo...more training, more tournaments and time to fight hard and play even better! thank you so much team Cosmo Darts for believing in me! can't wait to get my personal jersey out and on for another photoshoot!

and before we headed over Trinity, the boyfie and i had our coffee session first. tried out Salty Koffie @ Jaya One. and he ordered the Salty Koffie. taste like coffee + lots of soy sauce. while i had my dose of Babycinno.

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