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Thursday, June 18, 2015

since the opening of Coco Ichibanya in 1U, i've always wanted to try it out but it always slip-off my mind everytime i'm in 1U with the boyfie. but then again, the both of us avoid malls as much as possible these days. so, much thanks to Tammy & The Butterfly Project, i've finally had my chance to try this place out.

if you're an avid fan of Japanese Curry, or even better, if you like Japanese Curry but with that extra spicy touch, then why not check this place out.

and so we were presented the 6 different level of spiciness of 5 different dishes (plus extra gravy of the spiciest curry) from the people behind the following dishes. from standard (which is the normal flavour) to spicy level 5.

and let's not forget these pretty colourful and tasty drinks.

(L-R) Orange Juice (RM9) | Macha Milkshake (RM11) | Passion Fruit with Cocktail (RM11)
Blueberry Milkshake (RM11) | Orange Peach Milkshake (RM11)

before i present to you the curry dishes, here are some appetizers to begin with.

Side Dish - Pickles

Yumi Says?
a simple appetizer to start your meal, sweet sour-ish papaya pickles. made in Bangkok (surprisingly) but trust me when i say it is delicious because i'm a pickle kind of person!

up next, we were served with 2 different refreshing salads.

Smoked Salmon Salad Goma with Sesame Dressing (RM10)

Yumi Says?
like every other normal salad, the flavour is enhanced with the all time ichiban-sauce - Sesame Dressing!

Bacon & Pumpkin Salad Goma with Soy Dressing (RM10)

Yumi Says?
i have to admit that i don't fancy eating pumpkins but this salad made it taste so different, i took a lot of pumpkins down! kudos to the chef!

and now, let me present to you the different dishes and its level of spiciness. ahh and of course my verdict to every dish.

Beef Yakiniku Curry - Standard (RM23)

Yumi Says?
like every other Japanese Curry, the taste of it is sweet with a smooth texture. unfortunately as we took up too much time snapping pictures and this dish came out first, it was on the cold side by the time we tried the dish. but overall, it was pretty good.

Pork Cutlet Omelette Curry - Level 1 (RM26)

Yumi Says?
me being a porky person, I would definitely rate this as the best dish of the night. as for it's level of spiciness, this plate of curry is still on the sweet side but with an extra tinge of pepper spice. so for those that can't take spicy, level 1 would be good enough.

Wagyu Beef Steak Curry - Level 2 (RM48)

Yumi Says?
here's the deal, if you like to take spicy food but can't take too much of it, this would be the maximum level that you will be able to consume as it is slightly spicier than Level 1 (duh). overall, this dish was delicious but the wagyu meat was a little undercook. hence, it wasn't easy to nom them down. (well at least for me it wasn't easy)

Creamed Mushroom Omelette Curry - Level 3 (RM23)

Yumi Says?
spicy food lovers like me will go with Level 3, which is the perfect level of spiciness but if you're to take this level of spiciness with the creamy mushroom omelette, the cream does tone down the spiciness a little. and for someone like me who doesn't fancy mushroom, i give this dish a double like as i gobbled down lots of mushroom!

Grilled Squid with Mayonnaise Sauce - Level 4 (RM24)

Yumi Says?
this level is definitely the maximum that i'm able to achieve. with level 3 being toned down by the creamy mushroom sauce, i definitely did taste the spiciness here! nevertheless, this would be my 2nd favourite dish overall! yums!

Additional Curry Gravy - Level 5

Yumi Says?
taking the curry by a spoonful is still ok. it does taste spicy, however if you're to take a whole plate of curry rice with Level 5, i'm pretty sure you'll feel smoke coming out of your ears & nose! teehee...

and after taking all the spicy food, girls being girls will always have that extra space in their tummy for dessert!

Vanilla & Macha Ice Cream

Yumi Says?
only 1 word to describe - Oishiiiiii!

let me end this post with some selfies with the girls that i had my meal with.

overall i did enjoy my meal at Coco Ichibanya Curry House! so if you like Japanese Curry and you want to challenge their 5 level of spiciness, drop by at Coco Ichibanya (new wing, opposite Kluang Station) at 1 Utama!
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  1. The food looks very delicious! Tempting to try! Too bad I'm not able to join TBP session with you guys T.T


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