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Saturday, June 6, 2015

i've really got to confess. i'm a person with sweet tooth and all the more, i love food. but with my adding age over the years (and not forgetting hours of sitting in the office adds to it), my metabolism rate drops tremendously which causes my weight and fats gain after having all these guilty delicacies. and then i end up blaming it all on the boyfie. teehee. so i guess they all say, we gain happiness weight when we've found the right person. and it's true because he's gaining a lil bit extra too.

now, i'm not saying i'm going to quit eating any of these. it's not about not having self control. but i guess there's another way to it. to limit my intake and to exercise more. hence, i've to remind myself to commit to gym at least twice a week with one morning swim and cardio + weights on another day. no excuse should be given.

i really am not aiming to get back my super slim figure that i used to have but at least a flatter tummy and healthier shape i guess. hahahaha! at least i would look pretty in pictures. *vainself appears* so yeah, this is not the end of yummy foodie and sweet dessert sessions! sorry boyfie!
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