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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

let me start the post with an #OOTD from us for a change. :)
theme: white x denim x black.
on him:
T-Shirt & Jeans: Topman
Sneakers: Converse

on her:
Dress: H&M
Vest: Momoe (super old since 10 years ago)
Sneakers: Converse

had a really amazingly packed weekend with the love. with my usual saturday morning japanese kurasu, he'd be getting his rest till i wake him up to come n get me for lunch. and then off to midvalley coz i wanted to grab my eyeliner really badly already. plus there was also a huge event set up for the minions. super cute we couldn't resist selfie-ing with the stupidest looking minion!

and then we headed over the Cube Darts Cafe to watch and support my teammates - Fridayz & Rukawa in their tournament. we didn't stay till the end coz i was having a very upset tummy somehow. :( mehhh. and the boyfie needed rest for his performance the next day.

and on sunday morning, we headed out for lunch with my papa and mama before getting my new wife. ahhemmmm i call her my wife because from now onward i will have to pay for her monthly plus maintain her. say hello to my new Baby V. this is my new commitment.

and then our dating time before his gig. we headed to publika to walk around and chille before having our super fattening dins and dessert! om nom nom noms. i'll update his gig photos on a diff blog post heh~

it's just the beginning of June but everything seems to get better. so i'm really looking forward to more of June! hehe~~~ really hopping that Baby V is gonna bring me much much more luck in the lucky draw. hehehe~~~
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