Darts | Phoenix The Doubles x Recap

Monday, June 8, 2015

it's a very very rare occasion that i have such a nice side profile on my right face. and much apologies on the very arrogant looking face when i dart. i was just being really serious with my game. heh.

so earlier in May this year, i'm back to playing phoenix tournaments again. this time my partner was Keva for The Doubles. (i can finally blog about this coz it took them so long to finally upload the pictures!) we were in Division 4 unexpectedly but then again there wasn't much difference between Div 3 & 4.

i must say that it has been quite some time since i last played in any Phoenix tournaments, hence it felt different but my aim was to do my best and go as far as I could. and i was really glad to have my super duper awesome teammates and boyfie supporting me behind.

i didn't play too well during the round robin except for my final game. ><" the place was horribly freezing i couldn't even feel my fingers. and after lunch we had our side shoot game whereby i've managed to go through a couple of rounds before being eliminated. unexpectedly i played much better in half-it. heh~

really proud of my other teammates that made it through to knock outs! Rach & Bravo for making it to Top8, Andy & Supagene for making it to Top 16 and definitely proudest of all Fridayz for getting 2nd Runner Up again in the Premier Singles League tournament!

can't wait for my league game this wednesday! hopefully i perform as well as last week or even better! more practice to do and more tournaments to go!~
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  1. Nice side profile picture !
    Well taken by a talented person i guess ?

    Do you mind to check out my VLOG on my casual makeup and let me know what you think ?



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