Wednesday, May 27, 2015

no longer being a kid, i've come to a realization that there's more than wanting to grow up and being an adult. indeed, being an adult is so much harder than being a child. i can no longer go on surviving sleepless nights. in fact, i feel fatigue not having my 8 hours of sleep. metabolism rate drops and i keep putting on unwanted weight even if i'm eating light. so, that's basically how bad it gets.

but as i grow older, there is so much more to it. to graduating from university, starting my first job, job hopping while trying something new before landing myself on that "perfect job", basically in search of the person i want to be while earning enough to start paying bills and supporting the family.

and tomorrow, i'll be stepping into a brand new commitment. a commitment that i will sign to for the next 9 years. i'm really excited although there is a little fear in me. coz i know that it's definitely not going to be easy but it's time i make things work and be committed.

this year is definitely the most leveling up year for me, to lots of commitments and big decisions. :)

i'm pretty sure its gonna be heck of an awesome year and even more to come! heh.
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