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Friday, May 8, 2015
ahhh yes, it's a week past May and i've only written 1 blog post for past week. simply because i was mad busy and exhausted over the long weekend/holiday. so i didn't exactly have a break to blog.

here's an update on what we were up to lately while he's away for three days for work. mehhhh.

celebrated the buddy - Sean's birthday on 1st of May with the Pek Chek Kakis at Wondermama, Bangsar Village 1. food was so-so. plus there was a bug in the boyfie's burger when he was already almost done with it. mehhh. informed their waitress about it so they'd inform the kitchen and she went "so you want me to change?". truthfully i wasn't expecting a change but instead an apology and we will look into the matter? so it's a double mehhh. no more wondermama for me. blehhh.

and then on Sunday, he had to wake up early with me just to accompany me and be my #1 supporter through the cold air-cond hall. which he ended up falling sick. ><" thank you love for being there for me through the whole day~

it's not a very long journey for us but it seems that time passes really fast being with him. its like when you're being all wrapped up in the sweetest relationship than you can ever imagine, time flies so fast you don't even realize it. it's been 6 months | 182 days since we both started our little journey.

with no doubt, you've brought out the best in me. and times spent are usually doing our favourite things and being a lot at home cuddling and playing fun run. plus point about being with him is that he makes me fall in love with him all over again every morning which is one of my relationship goals. thank you my love. and i continue to look forward to more months till years of being together. teehee....
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