Darts | Super League Season 4 Fiesta

Monday, May 25, 2015

after 3 continuous months of battling against 5 other teams, teacm FCDC Avengers & FCDC Heroes had managed to clinch as Division 4 Group 3 Champions although both our teams had only made it to Top 8 during the Knock Outs. but overall it was definitely a great fight for us. i would definitely consider this as my 2nd trophy earned although it is now placed at FriendsCino Damansara Perdana. heh.

on the day of fiesta, with 4 pairs playing in the Round Robins for Super Knock Out, 3 teams made it to the Knock Outs. Nick & Sabby made it to Top 16 while Rukawa and myself made it to Top 8 losing to the Double Eugene that made to Joint 3rd for BC Flight. i guess my biggest mistake was being too comfortable playing against my own teammates but it really was a good experience and i'm really happy with my game play and performance (winning my target opponents and proving them wrong).

during the fiesta, we've submitted our team jersey as one of the Best Jersey nomination but sadly we didn't win. Sabby baby and Nick were the models while Eugene C presented the design.

time for even more practice with my brand new set of darts. heh~ and of course much thanks to my always awesome sponsor - Fit Flight / Cosmo Darts Japan! i had to borrow Rachael's uniform temporarily so we would have our team in full uniform as my uniform was printed in the wrong size. hence, no badge on that night. :(

as well as my super awesome teammates for the trust and support throughout our league! and of course the super awesome boyfie that have been accompanying me through week after week as well as fiesta. thank you so much for the photos Radius! hehe~~

can't wait to start Super 2 next week. this time i'll be leading my own little team of 4. i believe our team may be one of the "weakest" in terms of our ratings but i'm gonna try my very best to lead the team as far as possible!

and oh! have you seen my latest shoot for Cosmo Darts/Fit Flight? did it in the office coz i was rushing to have it out. but i'm pretty happy with the outcome! teehee! i can't wait to see myself on the site as well! :D
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