BB Cream VS CC Cream

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

for someone like me who has sensitive skin and applies make up daily, there are so many different products in market that i take into consideration. i've tried various brands of foundation (with primer) to BB Creams and finally tried CC Cream.

but the deal today is BB Cream VS CC Cream (based on my personal experience) and which is better for the everyday natural make up look.

BB Cream

before CC Creams came out, we only had the choice between foundation and BB Creams. which i've jumped from using foundations to Skin79 BB Cream (as of the image above) and stuck to it for a couple of years.

BB Creams are supposed to be the all-in-one facial cosmetic product to replace serum, moisturizer, primer, foundation and sunblock.

for BB Cream, i need not use too much of it as it should keep the skin looking natural and radiant instead of thick creamy. but as time goes, i realize that it gets too sticky and oily for my skin which ended up causing outbreaks. hence, i had to scout for a new product to use.

CC Cream

while scouting for CC Creams which would act similar as the BB Cream but of a better coverage yet for my experience, it gives me a lighter feeling.

CC Cream mean Color Control cream, or Color Correcting cream, whereby some brands claim to reduce the appearance of skin redness or sallowness or to improve uneven skin tone. for my case, it works perfectly to correct my skin tones and it gives me an even lighter texture and feeling.

CC Cream works very similar as the BB Cream whereby i need not use much of the product and it gives me a very natural glow and outcome.

SO, Which is the right one?

Keep in mind that every BB and CC cream has unique benefits. Get the BB Cream if you're looking for the "pumped-up" tinted moisturizer whereas go for the CC Cream if you're looking for colour correction.

feel free to correct me if i'm wrong about these because i'm really writing based on personal usage and experience. teehee
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