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Thursday, April 23, 2015

and on the final day, we woke up way earlier for breakfast! truth is, i have no idea of the name of this pan mee stall nor restaurant name. but i do know it's located at the same area (round some other corner) nearby South Point Kafe.

Yumi Says?
basically it's like any other soupy pan mee that you can find out there. only difference is this pan mee has seaweed in the soup (which brings out a lil more flavour) and the chili sauce is different from the ones you can get out there.

next stop, we headed over to Thean Chun (House of Mirrors) for more yummy local Ipoh food! i've been here last August and blogged about it : HERE but didn't know the name of the restaurant the last time.

so i'm back for more pork satay and kai xi hor fun (Ipoh Chicken Kuey Teow)!

Yumi Says?
pork satay is a must try at this restaurant as it is super famous! and if you think you've been eating really good Ipoh Chicken Kuey Teow in KL/PJ, wait till you try this (probably a lil on the oily side but that makes the taste better)! and if you don't mind the oiliness, do remember to order a plate of their oily chicken!

Thean Chun 
Jalan Bandar Timah 
Ipoh Old Town 

and finally, more taufufah from the all time famous yet very small bowl of it from Funny Mountain!~

after dins, back we headed to KL and that's the end of this trip. can't wait for the next and perhaps we can plan for a longer trip to Penang as well? hummmmmsss~~~~

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