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Thursday, April 2, 2015
located in TTDI, the corner shop right behind Maybank have been there for more than two years already. passing by this place many times but yet to try it out until 2 days back with the boyfie.

from the outside, the bright blue-ish exterior  did catch my attention but i've never dared to try Peruvian cuisine. *don't ask me why, i'm just not that adventurous when it comes to food* until the boyfie said that it looked pretty yums and wanted to try. and so off we go for dins...

on the inside, colours are splashed all over with paintings and decorative items all over. this place isn't ur all time cozy cafe kinda place.

famed for their Peruvian-styled grilled chicken, but often being compared with the all time famous Nando's, the taste of their chickens are definitely way different. yet if i am to compare, their portion is definitely much bigger than Nando's. whereas pricing wise, it is similar as Nando's.

and of course i topped it up with Peruvie's signature Sangria drink while he had his coconut drink.

Yumi Says?
overall food is good but spicy isn't spicy. Sangria is definitely a ladies drink but yeah i will be back for sure!
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