Tuesday, April 14, 2015

last week, i've finally made up my mind and purchased my own domain "iamyumimeiki.com" and was hoping to transfer my blog from "iamyumimeiki.blogspot.com" over. but i guess either the process was really hard or i'm just pure noob in things like these. hence, my blog was down and you guys had to miss on updates.

i'm still on my old url after trying it out. so if there's anyone out there who have migrated their domain from blogger to their own domain, please please teach me how to do so!!! or else i'll be just leaving my domain useless :(

and if you've been following my blog, you'll notice the change in layout. i personally love this layout heaps! the minimal design and colour makes the whole look of it really clean!~ so what do you think of the new layout?
1 comment on "iamyumimeiki.com "
  1. you have a very nice blog =)
    maybe you have a loss on F4F ?, would be delighted.
    Love greetings Sümi



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