Number76 | Going a Lil Purple Red

Wednesday, April 22, 2015
the last time i dyed my hair was just before chinese new years and by now the colour has turned into dirty green/blue/gold. i have no idea how i had it on me for so long. plus my roots were growing fast already.

so a day before heading to ipoh, i decided to drop by to my all time favourite saloon Number76 to find my all time favourite stylist, Amy for a fix! and as usual all i got to do is tell her i wanted it darker and then she gets to work her magic and pick any colour she wants on me. (yep, that's how much i trust her!)

and so, after a couple of hours or maybe less (didn't really take note on the time) off to wash and tadaaaaaaah! my new hair colour. and while at it, i got to try out their upcoming 5 step treatment which took me about another half an hour. do be on a look out for their announcement on when it will be launched! trust me, this treatment is super awesome that my hair is still shinny until today (about a week) and its still silky smooth after all the previous bleaching, hair dye, daily straightening and now curling too!

hair been very easy to manage ever since the treatment. and for the 3 days i was in ipoh, all i did was just blow dry with no straightening (coz my straightener died and i had no choice but to live without it until i get back to kl to get a new one) and my hair still looks pretty! it'll probably frizz up really horribly if it wasn't for this treatment session (i naturally have curly and frizzy hair)

and ever since i'm back in KL, i've been curling the ends of my hair for daily styling. heh~ no split ends and no tangled hair so far! and colour is still very lasting even on the bleached parts. heh~~~ can't wait till my next visit! in the meantime, i'll continue being obsessed with my new colour as it fades into different shades.
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