Avenging with Dolby Atmos

Wednesday, April 29, 2015
apologies on not having any updates for so many days!

with lots of thanks to Tammy (of PlusSizeKitten) and Dolby Atmos, not only i get to be the early few to enjoy The Avengers but i got to watch them for free and with experience of Dolby Atmos sound system (and oh, free popcorn & coke.. heh). i must say, the sound system was amazing with literately every single detail heard!

got to 1 Utama quite early so we walked around while waiting for the time to collect our tickets. and then while waiting for our movie to begin, there were a couple of cute  kids dressed up in their favourite super hero trying their luck to win a year of Dolby Atmos movie (ahh, should have dressed up as Black Widow, REGRET MAX!) and then here came Captain America to save the world. and as you could have guessed, the two kids above and this captain won themselves a year of free movie! tough luck for me.

but at least we got to spend time together with an amazing but a little too draggy movie and messy! but i still am looking forward to the next marvel movie. no spoiler coz i really don't wanna spoil it for anyone else.
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