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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

On days like these *which pretty much happens every two weeks or less*, i get to enjoy some morning snacks and arrange pretty stuffs for work purpose. It's been a long time since I last did photo shoots, but this time is a different style - something more casual and natural. And oh, being a hand model isn't easy at all!!!

I won't be able to show the final images as of now since the contents have yet to go live so bear with this behind-the-scene shot first. heh~ and mind the mess behind!

Not forgetting my morning selfie routine which i'm in the midst of turning my instagram style direction with some changes. What do you think of having pretty arrangements on alternate days instead of just my face? heh~~~

Plus, I'm thinking of doing an #ootd post at least once a week, which means I've got to wake up slightly earlier to play dress up!

And then lunch breaks. Besides bringing food from home, on certain days I'd tag along my colleagues for lunch but whenever I have time, I'd either be all comfy at the cozy area reading up a book.

Or having a crazy time playing Fun Run!
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  1. Cute blog!! And yeah Fun Run is crazy fun!


    1. Hello cutie! hehe just changed my blog layout! :)) and fun run is fun!!!!

  2. Cuteee!!!!


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