Take A Step | Ipoh Mali 2.0 Episode Two

Monday, March 16, 2015

we headed out for the very famous Chong Yin Noodles for brunch on day two. this bowl of noodle costs RM7 but my verdict it's not that awesome and u can definitely find better ones in KL at a cheaper price. the soup is very clear but there weren't much ingredients in this bowl. hence, it is not worth paying RM7 for a bowl of noodles.

after brunch, we wanted to watch Kingsman but the timing wasn't suitable so we headed off to Ipoh Old Town to spend time with a cup of coffee and topping it up with a plate of yummy dessert.

found this place called Missing Marbles but it is very unnoticeable from the outside as they are keeping the original optical shop signage. so be on a lookout for the optical shop signage with lots of dangling vein leaves if you're looking to chill at this place.

on the inside of the cafe, the concept is definitely nostalgic and rundown as they've maintained the building as the way it is with vintage furniture and decorative items. vintage lovers would find this place cozy but may be a little too much and messy for non-vintage lovers. heh~

after that we headed back for the best yuet kwong hor which you can never buy! hehe~ home cook is always the best!

episode three coming next!
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