Running Low

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

i've got to confess that being a writer on a full time basis is draining the brain juice up a lil that i'm running low on creative ideas for contents... but (there's always a but..) i've been reading a lil more on water and environment (which is a whole lot of serious stuff). so i've kinda gained some new knowledge.

so...this is sort of my excuse for blogging less (coz the brain is basically dry from ideas to write). but excuses shouldn't last for forever. well basically i should really stop procrastinating and start bucking up. heh.

with the GST implementation that's gonna happen like tomorrow, i've been avoiding all malls at all risk coz i didn't wanna get stuck in stupid jams and hours of parking hunting. plus people are like going cray cray wanting to buy everything so that they can avoid the 6% for at least a couple of months.

instead, i had a pretty different weekend as the parents weren't around and i was in-charge of the house and the dog. feels a lil diff taking up the responsibility of feeding and cleaning after old Joysie plus doing a lil house chore while he washed his car.

plus waking up to him every morning was totally blissful. woke up earlier instead of lazing in bed and snoozing for the extra minutes for the past 2 days to prepare breakfast for him. heh~ this is so not me! but nevertheless, the feeling is really amazing! teehee~ the GST begins tomorrow, i will update really soon!

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