Of Slacking

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

i have to admit i've been pretty much slacking on blogging *and gym time* for the longest time ever and for no reason. gahhhh~~~ plus i haven't really gotten back the crazy poser selfie mood. may be i'm just being lazy. excuses excuses heh~

haven't really been practicing as much as before as well but currently back on track. and i come to realize a new standing position. gasp! i've been standing on the right corner of the throw line and now it has changed! time for more practice to getting used to my new position especially for cricket! heh~

and oh! been doing some home hunting lately but it comes to either too far or too expensive. plus condos these days are holding "commercial" titles which means utility bills and everything else are much more expensive than those under "residential titles" only because they are called Service Apartments. so many things to take note on. location. safety. bills. titles. floor plans. number of rooms. and so on.

sums up to pretty stressful and tiring when showrooms are seen and calculations are made. but to conclude that everything is too expensive. meh~ so we'll just have to wait n see.

as of now, time to head back to work!
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