#JxY_ | Of Sacrificing Sleep

Tuesday, March 3, 2015
disclaimer: this is not a complaint rage post. neither it is a post for credit claiming.

when you love someone, you will come to realize that little sacrifices don't matter to you. you are willing to do so because what matters most is him or her, his or her well-being. what matters most is no longer YOU.

i decided to give up my weekend of fun and be there by his side last weekend. which he said "sien hor, your weekend gone just like this." truth on what ran through my mind? "i won't even have fun knowing that you're so sick. i rather be here with u."

i haven't been sleeping much for the past few days as my baby teddy fell ill and i was really worried and overly paranoid that it's dengue but he insisted that the fever is caused by the ulcer at his throat.

and so for the past 3 nights i've been monitoring his fever timing and i would just wake up naturally whenever i feel movement to check on him. making sure he gets his food, lots of water intake and medication before the 4th hour to break his fever away.

i'll be ur lil doc, nurse and medicine till you're ok! get well soon my baby teddy! 
and i really don't mind sacrificing fun time to be by ur side!
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