Take A Step | Land Of Stinky Tofu 1.0 Episode Three

Thursday, February 26, 2015

On day three we headed out on the double decker bus towards Times Square / Sogo in town for more shopping. The ride was about 45 minutes long so we got to enjoy the view from upstairs.

Passed by their container area whereby most TVB dramas or movies are filmed at. So now we know where they film all their fighting scenes hahaha!

We had lunch at 7-11 which is very convenient and awesomely yummy! Had char siew bao as well as curry fishballs! The best part is they serve more than those that I've ordered like noodles and much more! Noodles are freshly cooked! How i wish we have these here!

Did our window shopping *didn't managed to buy much coz everything so expensive and most of the converse shops were closed* and then we had yummy portugese egg tarts! Walking pass the bakery itself caught our noses and they were hot and simply irresistible! We had one each coz it was soon for dinner time and we had to rush home for a 5 star chef dins. I shall let you drool to the pictures below!

After dinner, we headed out to AT bar for a quick dart and drinking session!

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