Take A Step | Land of Stinky Tofu 1.0 Episode Two

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

After a long day at Disneyland, we headed back to town into Mongkok for my stinky tofu.

First up we dropped by J Darts which was right out of the exit of Mongkok station. Finally here for my first time!

Then for stinky tofu but we had no idea where exactly was the famous stall located at. Back then all we had to do was use our nose to smell our way through but the smell was no longer as strong as before. So we did what most tourist would do, ask the policemen stationed there. He went "u sure u wanna go to this stall? It's at Prince Edward not here, 4 roads away!" but he still showed us the way.

So we hunted and finally found the place! It wasn't stinky anymore. guess it's due to complains by other tourists or locals. om nom nom nomsss.

After noming we headed over to Fa Yuen Street which is also known as Bo Hai Kai (Sneakers Street) to hunt for my pair of Converse while Sab hunted for New Balance and Adidas Originals. The price of these sneakers are about 30% till 50% cheaper than in Malaysia and they have designs that you can't find here too! Sadly we didn't manage to get the ones that we wanted to we continued walking around.

Until we stumbled across Langham Mall. Finally got to buy my Jill Stuart cosmetics

Before we ended our night, Hui Lau Shan for supper and then taking the light rail train back to Yuen Long before taking the mini bus back home!
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