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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Next stop was the land of Nope, Nope, Nope - Toystory Land. From afar it definitely looked like a kiddy place but heck noh!!! 

First up, we queued for the army parachute game. Although I don't much fear of heights, I have fear of falling off from a high place even if I know that I'm really safe in my seat. I just had to let go of my fear and scream like a mad woman. It was a pretty embarrassing moment.

Then the things I do for my bestie. To ride the ride that I fear most! The hot wheels. I'm pretty sure the little girl sitting next to me was traumatized by my high pitched screams!

Had to calm myself down by looking at cute things in Andy's Toy Box and then to the next land, the Fairytale Land for my fantasy dreams.

Buy all the Duffy and Sheliemay!!!! They are definitely too cute to resist. So cute I wanted to bring all of them home!!!

Strolled through Fairytale land is the the best place for me and we ended up at my all time favourite ride the Carousel!

Next stop, to the Land of Small World and then my next scary ride!
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