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Saturday, February 21, 2015

We woke up pretty early and headed out for local Hong Kong style breakfast. First stop was Kai Kei Char Chan Teng (佳記餐廳) at Tuen Mun area. Had really awesome Polo Butter Bun (Polo Yau). The bun is hot and butter is cold. Melts in the mouth and it is not too sweet! Perfect would be the word to describe it!

After that we headed off to take our bus ride and headed off to Disneyland. First double decker ride in Hong Kong~~

We were hoping that there won't be many people on a weekday but our hopes were crushed when we arrived at the interchange of Disney train. Unfortunately for us there were so many people! My heart shattered the moment we stepped into Disneyland and saw the castle! The magical castle was under maintenance so they covered it with printed boards that it made it look so ugly I didn't want to take picture with the castle anymore.

We walked into our first adventure at Adventure Land which we went straight into Grizzly's Gulch

Took our very first ride. the first roller coaster ride itself almost gave me a heart attack. *i'm not gonna tell u why coz it would be a horrible spoiler so go try it urself!* but i survived it.

And then we queued to take a picture with Chip and Dale. Got to hug them too!


Next stop we were at Mystical Mansion. This is something new from my last visit in 2007 when they first opened. Everything in there lights up and changes magically all because of one musical box. you'll definitely got to ride it yourself to experience it.

Up next, Toys Story Land. The land where I literally dropped my heart.
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