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Friday, February 27, 2015
Bass - Er Whey | Rhythm Guitar - Justin | Drums - Kimie
Vocal - Selina | Guitar - Syahir 

the very first time i watched Fly1ng Pan perform was on 30th of October 2014 for Dragon Red's new single Music Video launch at Laundry Bar. once again, they were back in Laundry but this time for Rock is Dead series.

the show started at 9.30 *as always malaysian timing will start half an hour late* and they were up first. performing the opening act, the 5 of them rocked their staged for 30 minutes performing to their J-Rock hits from Hypocrisy to Betrayal.

and then hitting into their soothing emo ballad - Zutto, to take a soft break from all the rock! this song that caught my mind since their first performance which i'd randomly hum to~~~

after that, they hyped up the crowd again with a cover of Evernasance's Bring Me to Life and ended their performance with Breakaway Carriage featuring guest vocalist Land Slyde of Dragon Red.

i have to admit that one person got my attention the whole night, hence he definitely have more photos than anyone else. well, basically he didn't have to get my attention anymore anyway. teehee~~~

if you're into J Rock or Japanese music in general, check them out @ Flying Pan!
for more pictures, head on to Rock Is Dead Album
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