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#JxY_ | Of Little Efforts and Appreciation

Friday, February 27, 2015

relationships have many stages and it all begins with the honeymoon. the honeymoon stage duration varies from couple to couple. keeping the relationship happy and going takes effort else one would eventually tired off and the relationship would die off sooner or later.

FLY1NG PAN | Rock Is Dead

Bass - Er Whey | Rhythm Guitar - Justin | Drums - Kimie
Vocal - Selina | Guitar - Syahir 

the very first time i watched Fly1ng Pan perform was on 30th of October 2014 for Dragon Red's new single Music Video launch at Laundry Bar. once again, they were back in Laundry but this time for Rock is Dead series.

Take A Step | Land Of Stinky Tofu 1.0 Episode Four

Thursday, February 26, 2015

On the last day, we headed out for lunch at Yoshinoya and finally managed to buy 3 pairs of Converse at a really good price before heading to the bust terminal coz Sabby extended her stay.

Take A Step | Land Of Stinky Tofu 1.0 Episode Three

On day three we headed out on the double decker bus towards Times Square / Sogo in town for more shopping. The ride was about 45 minutes long so we got to enjoy the view from upstairs.

Take A Step | Land of Stinky Tofu 1.0 Episode Two

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

After a long day at Disneyland, we headed back to town into Mongkok for my stinky tofu.

Take A Step | Disneyland Series x Hong Kong 1.4

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

This is the final part of Disneyland! The parade under the shinning bright hot sun which lasted for about half an hour~

Take A Step | Disneyland Series x Hong Kong 1.3

Monday, February 23, 2015

Wanted to take pictures with Mickey and the rest but Fantasy Garden was packed and the queue was long so we didn't want to waste too much time. Went to Small World and wanted to take the boat ride but the queue was too long, so we had to give up and not waste time here.

Take A Step | Disneyland Series x Hong Kong 1.2

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Next stop was the land of Nope, Nope, Nope - Toystory Land. From afar it definitely looked like a kiddy place but heck noh!!! 

Take A Step | Disneyland Series x Hong Kong 1.1

Saturday, February 21, 2015

We woke up pretty early and headed out for local Hong Kong style breakfast. First stop was Kai Kei Char Chan Teng (佳記餐廳) at Tuen Mun area. Had really awesome Polo Butter Bun (Polo Yau). The bun is hot and butter is cold. Melts in the mouth and it is not too sweet! Perfect would be the word to describe it!


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

经过一连串的比赛后,《笑傲江湖》马来西亚冠军就是他21岁-杰费里!同样恭喜亚军英雄-小戰猫以及只有14岁的季军英雄 - 杀冷血!


比赛就在上个星期日2月8号在Friendster iCafe举行。非常多人也非常热闹!错过了的朋友们你们没福了!因为现场的气氛十分FUN丫!

当两人比冠军赛时,两人都非常的冷静但气氛却紧张!但杰费里一连两场狠狠的打败了小戰猫带走了5000零吉的现金以及Steel Series赞助的商品。


Take A Step | Land of Stinky Tofu 1.0 Episode One

Friday, February 6, 2015

Headed over to the boyfie's place to have lunch with him before heading off to airport since I was going to ditch him here for 3 and a half days.


Monday, February 2, 2015

全球首屈一指大受欢迎和广获赞誉的免费任玩大型多人在线角色扮演游戏MMORPG开发商完美世界Perfect World盛情宣布配合《笑傲江湖之大漠迷城》全新资料片的推出引爆全球电玩比赛。来自马来西亚、台湾、中国、韩国、泰国、越南和印尼的顶尖玩家将聚集台湾竞逐世界冠军宝座。只需下载全新资料片,即可发挥所长一路登顶,笑傲江湖!


《笑傲江湖》于20146月正式登陆马来西亚这款免费下载和免费任玩的 MMORPG 传奇武侠电玩以金庸本命查良镛著名武侠小说为故事背景。《笑傲江湖之大漠迷城》全新资料片带来更多精彩内容其中包括更多武器选择、增进新地图、新地宫和新战场挑战更刺激玩法。此外,每天登陆游戏的玩家,还可获得考勤奖励。这些奖励包括神器以及游戏用到的罕见器物。

啊!你还等什么?现即登入 xa.4games.com体验《笑傲江湖之大漠迷城》传奇武侠世界。我们在这礼拜日约定你啦!不见不散!

Venue: Friendster iCafé@Berjaya Times Square 
Date:8th February 
Time:10am to 6pm

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