The Sweater Weather

Friday, January 9, 2015

guess this rainy weather is gonna last for quite some time eh? i dont quite remember when it actually started. probably early of last month.

the truth is i have a love-hate relationship with this weather. i personally love cold weather. be it winter or the rain or just pure cooling spring. the thing about this weather is it just perfect for overalls, sweaters and oh my all time favourite trench coats! so i can finally dress up in my thick sweaters and long trench without being stared weirdly at!

and of course this weather is also perfect for loads of under the blanket cuddles and snuggles!

but at the same time, this non-stop rain is causing horrible floods all over and i tend to oversleep most of the days! gahhhh~~~

anyone else have the same relationship with this weather like me?

here's end with my #ootd from yesterday. more sweater ootd coming soon! (provided i can wake up early to snap. teehee!)

Fedora: Pull & Bear (Old)
Houndsooth Sweatshirt: Emoda
Grey Jeans: H&M
Watch: Daniel Wellington
Bracelet: Assorted

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