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Thursday, January 22, 2015
achievement unlocked: magnum craving done

ahh!! like finally! i get to try out the oh-so-popular Magnum Cafe last night which i've been bugging the boyfie for. and so he says "achievement unlock, princess' magnum craving is done" hahahahaha!

well the main reason why we went last night was because it was the last day for me to claim my free "style my magnum" ice cream. so why not when it's free ice cream! plus we needed to go get some stuff for his new place.

traffic towards Midvalley yesterday was good!!! plus finding a parking lot was pretty easy too! luck was on our side it seems.

the queue at Magnum Cafe is no longer crazy anymore although we did have to queue for about 10 minutes before it was our turn to choose and create our magnum. so many to choose from but i was only limited to 3 toppings. ><"

vanilla ice cream, white milk dip (wanted dark choco but i had no idea what crossed my mind and i said white), toppings - golden nugget, nuts and choco balls with dark choco drip.

whereas boyfie chose from the menu instead of customizing his. he ordered recess with choco brownie ice cream inside. pretty interesting flavour.

ahhh! staring at these people working on my ice cream already made me drool.

and when it's done, the camera gets to nom the ice creams first. then our turn to nom them down. hehehe. thankiew my baby teddy for making me a happy girl! hehehehe~~~
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