Of Relationships and Social Media

Friday, January 23, 2015
so here goes again, yumi the random relationship philosopher. well, i may be right, i may be wrong. so take this with a pinch of salt would you?

this morning i saw a facebook status on one person complaining and scolding the other half on their relationship. this sort of reminded me of many others who had been doing the same thing. complaining and/or scolding their other half on social media.

so i took i long thought about it and reminded myself of the little statuses that i've posted back then. minor complains, feelings and quotes. i'm not saying its wrong to post relationship issue quotes or feelings but think about it, the relationship is yours and not others'. there will always be the pretty side and the ugly side of the story. 

why expose the ugly side of it to everyone else? let me share with you why you shouldn't

1. It gives other people an opportunity to "prey" on your other half.
- and so the saying goes "while you're not giving your significant half you attention, someone else is begging for his/her attention"
by posting the ugly side of it would give others who are interested in your significant half the chance to prey on them as this very vulnerable moment. and at this point of time, your vulnerable half may just fall for their bait into their prey. it would be too late for you to regret when you realize it. 

2. It should be private just between the two of you.
- the relationship is yours, it doesn't belong to anyone else. 
communicate with one and another, find out the issue and solve it together, not complaining on social media saying "there's no trust, u need ur personal space, bla bla bla"...this my friend, you will only end up turning yourselves into laughing topics for others.

3. It's pure Childish Drama!!!
- *grabs popcorn, watch drama* truth is, no one really bothers about your complaints. 
come on, be a man/woman! not only you are embarrassing your other half, but you are lowering your status as well. having said that, only childish kids will share problems/mistakes/issues with the other half on the internet while seeking for all the attention from the opposite sex. you only need attention from your significant half and if you don't get it, then talk to him/her about it!

it's ok to have bad times and arguments in a relationship. in fact it is only normal to argue as you will get to know each other better. it still is a form of communication. communication is the tool if you're planning to take your relationship into the serious stage. it takes two to clap. honesty and trust. so seeking attention stop telling the whole world about your relationship issues and grow up already! like seriously, keep the ugly side to yourselves already.
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