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Thursday, January 8, 2015
I found the reason to breathe. And the reason is u.

life is filled with imperfection and with imperfection, we work hard to make it perfect. human beings too are imperfect but as time goes as we grow, we change for the better (or for worse for some). when you put two imperfect souls together, all it takes is to see each other in the perfect way.

having said, both of us are imperfect in many ways and we're both still learning the ways of each other's lives. yet we have many similarities. there were things that u used to dislike but enjoy doing now with me. and there are situations which i've learnt to deal with as well.

being with u is like i've found that missing puzzle piece that i've always been searching for all these while. yet it makes me feel like we've known each other for all our lives.

today marks two months of being together. time flies whenever i'm with u but it is the time spent with u that makes me happy most. being with u is as simple as it may be but it is filled with happiness. looking at u smile makes me smile too!

thank you for loving me for my imperfection. i love u my baby teddy.
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