Excitements in January

Tuesday, January 20, 2015
we did our New Years eve countdown at Publika with my bestie and their co-workers. with dins and fireworks. pretty simple but the people you do it with counts most right?

well, it's not even through the month but things have been going pretty well! at least it's how i see it right now. pretty much enjoying every moment of it with minimal stress. work, family, friendship, relationship, darts, everything is sailing pretty ok so far.

weather is pretty sunny already. no more gloomy days or mood. thank god!

we did the usual cafe hopping. his favourite is still Starbucks while i'd prefer Pickle n Fig or Frisky Goat. but hey, the time spent counts most! talking and discussing a whole lot of ourselves and future plans makes me a happy girl. teehee~ guess now it's time we both cut down on coffee sessions.

plus helping him to move to the new place is so much fun. from choosing bed sheets to essential items and rearranging furniture to our liking. can't wait till we get our own place!

been practicing a lot more at the first two weeks coz league is starting this thursday. pretty excited but nervous as well. let's hope for the best.

at the moment i'm totally looking forward to GEM concert this coming Friday and off to Hong Kong next week! woohooo~~~till then, my next post will probably be on my Hong Kong holiday! ahh winter! hehehe~~
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