[DIY] Valentines Day Gifts

Tuesday, January 27, 2015
with the big V-Day coming around the corner, you either splurge on buying expensive gifts *or may be not so expensive gifts* and sending flowers to your loved ones. but then again Valentines Day bouquet is way over-ratted and over-priced. Having the same type of bouquet but with a double/triple-up price on this day? pfftttt!!!

everyday should be valentines day if you're in the right relationship, if you get what i mean. now rather than spending so much on this over-ratted day. but i'm pretty sure most couples would still give a gift and expect something in return. so here's a tip, why not be a lil cheapo *like me* and DIY a gift instead? it could be a lil time consuming but hey it's cheaper and the heart counts right?

here are some easy DIY ideas that you can use for this coming Valentines Day!

1. Love Messages with Sticky Notes

2. Redeemable Love Vouchers (HERE)

3. DIY stuff robot (HERE)

4. Valentines Day Cards

nothing beats more than DIY valentines day card! it's simple but sweet!

5. Self-Design Sharpie Mugs (HERE)

here's a lil something that i did for him. it's not pretty looking nor it is perfect but it's stupidly cute *as according to him* hahahahaha! gave it to him earlier coz i'll be away for 4 days.

now hurry on, go get your creative-self out and start DIY-ing for your loved-ones this Valentines Day!!! and i'll be heading off to Hong Kong tomorrow!!~ till i'm back, there won't be any updates on my blog butt follow me on my instagram for live updates! @iamyumimeiki

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