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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

approximately two years ago (well, to be exact April 2013) i've been introduced to darts which i actually brushed away saying nahhhhh. i was very skeptic about it as i feared that my dart would fall on ground before it even reached the board. and all of a sudden i ended up getting all addicted to this game. trust me i had no idea what magic dart has done to me that up till today i still am addicted to it.

i have to admit that when i first gotten addicted to it, it really got into me. and i wanted to practice everyday after work. my mind was always filled with just DARTS. so i totally understand how the boyfie is right now being all into it and wanting to practice almost everyday. hahaha.

5 months down the road, life in darts changed a lil when i've managed to get myself a sponsorship contract with one of the top dart accessories brand - Fit Flight. and since then, i'd always aim to achieve better.

it really isn't just a hobby. it is a sport that i'd really like to excel in although i still am pretty noob after trying for so long.

there are so many things to take in consideration when playing darts. from posture to grip to stroke and release point. everything has to be in place and properly locked or else you wont be able to hit your target.

there are many ways that dart has changed my life and me. i've gotten to know so many awesome people and meet old friends since i started it. and i've sort of managed to train my patience (everyone has a different tempo when playing darts. if you are impatient, you may not be able to play well) and concentration (aim, focus, throw. u have to overcome ur mindset and nervousness before you compete). oh yes, this is not something that can be trained immediately but over a period of time. and each time it gets better and better.

i've participated in many tournaments and so far two leagues. each game teaches me something new. to overcome my nervousness and keep calm as well as concentrate only on the dart board. i've also learnt that i sometimes play better when i sing. probably because i'm calmer that way.

the highest achievement is Joint 3rd with Eduardo Santos in MSDO 2013 while i've only managed to bag Top 8 in the rest of the tournaments (be it singles or doubles). i guess i tend to get over excited and nervous when i reach that stage so i'll definitely have to train harder in overcoming that nervousness.

trust me when i say each time an achievement is unlocked, it makes me really happy. for example winning a certain player in a tournament or hitting a certain average point or even getting a certain position in a tournament.

and yes, if it is something you like or enjoy, u will always want to do it no matter how bad u are at it. this year's target is to achieve a higher rating. and like the saying goes, practice makes perfect! teehee~~~
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