Twenty Fourteen in a Nutshell

Wednesday, December 24, 2014
i guess it is time to stop and look back at all the highlights of twenty fourteen for me.

twenty fourteen start off in the simplest way possible. there wasn't anything special besides me being at camerons for the first time for company trip (oh i left that company already btw). did one of my proudest work for Kenny for Valentines this year too!

played in Super League Season 2 with TrebleMaker. then participated in Johnny Walker Gold Cup and did quite well although we didn't make it through.

and then i got my Google certifications in Google AdWords. woohooo! it really is quite an achievement for me coz i had no idea on Google AdWords before joining my previous company and attending the course. and also Google Analytics certification. hehe~

did two catwalks for Twenty3. first was bridesmaids collection during april KLPJ Wedding Fair and then again at Twenty3 | Chapter One launch!

a lot of cafe hopping. a lot of coffee and hot chocs tasted! with the most important people in my life!

and then i took a jump into my current company with a new job position and role. this time around i'm stuck right in front of my pc all day long. as opposed to my previous jobs whereby i could run around. but hey, i'm enjoying every bit of my current job as a copywriter / social content writer. plus i have a bunch of really awesome colleagues!

and oh i've not mentioned that i finally got to watch Sam Tsui perform live! and he even used my photo (and tag me on twitter! plus credit on facebook) for his next tour promo image!

celebrated my birthday in the most awesome ways with the most awesome people in my life. too many i have no idea which photo to choose!

got my second year contract with Fit Flight! so blessed having my favourite dart accessory brand to sponsor me for the second year although i haven't been playing too well.

not to mention i did my craziest 10km tipsy run coz i partied hard till 5am before my run. hahahahaha!!! i'm glad i made it through without KO-ing and still had the energy for japanese class right after the run.

participated in MSDO 2014 although i've only made it to Top 32 in Dynamic Duos day one. but it was hell of an awesome experience! more to come! and oh, i'm in an on-going ladies league.

this year, i took a huge leap in life. i let go of someone who was once very important to me. it wasn't an easy decision but i made that choice. a couple months down the road, i met someone new who is now very important in my life. it may seem easy but no one would understand what we both went through. or at least what i had to go through making the decision and taking a new leap into a new relationship is such a short period of time. yet, i appreciate this new journey that fate has taken me to.

this year's travelogue?
March - Wedding
April - Google Training
November - Hello Kitty Run

November - Hello Kitty Town

September - Fun filled cray time

there were a lot that i've walked through twenty fourteen. a lot of ups and downs. but i'm enjoying every bit of them. i'm truly blessed with the ones that i have. thank you for being part of my twenty fourteen!
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