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Wednesday, December 3, 2014
*this post is non-halal. sorry if you are a malay reader. :)

personally, i've not tried Boat Noodles / Big Spoon or anything similar like that. i did drop by Boat Noodles once but the queue was so long i gave up.

most of these serve beef and chickens. so i didn't really bother trying coz i can't take beef and i'm not really a fan of chicken to be exact.

and then i heard of a new outlet that goes by the name of The Porki Society. and the name itself explains that the food served is pork based! so much yums!!! so much oinks!

from the exterior it looked like some cafe-ish kinda feel with it's black and white signage. and when you step in, it is a different kinda old-school colourful playground. everything in side was very vintage-ish and colourful.

from tables and chairs to bowls and cups used to serve customers. which is pretty cute in a way. and their wooden chopsticks are pretty fat and big compared to the normal ones that you'll use.

food is pretty good. i personally like the soup based noodles but the dry ones are as yummy actually. oh and that chili sauce that you see in the picture above, it's really super awesome!

we also tried a few porki dishes cooked in different ways - minced, steamed, grilled... i'd personally recommend the steam minced pork at the top of picture above. super yums! but it really is a personal taste and recommendation, so go ahead and try the others as well.

i had 5 bowls in total being a small eater myself coz there were too many side dishes to accompany the noodles. plus it was pretty late at night when i was there. heh. so try it out and feedback to me on your thoughts as well!

The Porki Society
10, Jalan 21/19,
Seksyen 21,
Petaling Jaya.
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