Of Relationships and Mind Games

Friday, December 12, 2014

so i was watching this video by Jinnyboy earlier today. and here's my verdict on relationship and mind games.

it's a fact that these days, many of us tend to play mind games before getting into an official relationship. it all begins by adding each other on social media after meeting for the first time. perhaps not even meeting at all by using dating apps such as Tinder / Paktor and so on. u wait for a couple of days, mayb months before you approve their Facebook request or say your first "Hi". while the other person takes a couple of hours before replying u. and it goes on and on...

u don't reply a long sentence coz u think it may sound desperate. or you opt to wait for the other person to start the conversation.

for goodness sake, if you're already on social dating apps, are u even that shy or embarrassed in the first place to make the first move?

u probably might not get it that there are shy guys as well. girls, why can't u make the first move? no one is gonna call u a slut if u act first. there's no harm in dropping a hint in letting the other person know that u are interested. drop your first "Hi" to start the conversation, find mutual topics, send a random funny image, anything u can think of!

not every person can cope with hard-to-get and mind games. plus i don't really see the value in playing the hard-to-get game. even if u tell me "easy come, easy go". i don't see it that way at least. does that mean that the more effort and time he put in getting u, the more value u're worth? is this how a relationship is weight and valued? ask yourself!

imagine that the other person does not understand your mind games, u might just slip that chance of being with him/her. right?

come to think of it, when i first got to know my baby boy, we didn't talk much. and i would start a random conversation with him every time. sounds desperate? heh. it was very much a random thing back then until we met up and the conversations never ended.

i'd say i have no regrets on making those moves. no regrets on dropping hints and no regrets on texting first. heh~

it takes two hands to clap in a relationship. and there's no harm in showing ur love and affection to your other half. so stop playing games.because games like these kills the relationship.

if u're unhappy, speak up. don't give him/her the silent treatment. he/she may not get it. either way, one will feel helpless and lost. and this will bring the relationship to no where. if you love him/her, treat him/her the way u want to be treated as well. love with respect and love with all ur heart because every relationship is a risk and it takes a lot of effort and sacrifice without expecting anything in return. :)

that's all for today. toodles~~~ till my next post. teehee.
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