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Monday, December 15, 2014

it takes two hearts to beat, two souls to go on a journey, two hands to cling on to each other, and two knots to tie each other. it took us to a whole new adventure.

it all started with a right swipe on tinder. yes, with the utmost unexpected way. that was how we both got to know each other. ironic as it seems, for me a person who is seen as a sociable girl ends up being at a place where i dimmed hopeless to meet my other half. a place where i actually met him.

i guess sometimes there are certain things that happens that are un-explainable. and it all happens for a reason.

we didn't talk much at the earlier stages. just random talks once a week or once every two weeks.with me making the first move saying "hi". at that point of time, sounded like some weirdo desperate eh? but seriously at that point of time, i was just being friends, nothing special. 

until one fine day, i decided to ask a random question regarding a trip down south that i was heading to as well. it was then he mentioned that he had a performance and i was gonna go to that mall that night. so it was sort of a perfect timing i guess. 

at first meet, his smile melted me. somehow. just melted my heart. he was so kan cheong he made quite a number of blunders that made me smile deep down. yes, he definitely is a shy guy (or perhaps he was just acting it out.. nah!). at the same time, i unexpectedly blushed like nobody's business (thank god he didn't notice or point it out that time wtf!) and we just clicked. i stood at the darkest corner thinking no one would really notice me while he performed on stage. and he was very different there and then. as he strum on his strings, i was blown away. unexpectedly we took our very first selfie that night itself and i had to leave for my practice. (i was pretty nervous at that point of time. yikes.)

things didn't just end like that. there were more texts the next day. even when i was in singapore, it didn't just end there. with text and selfie exchanging. things just blossomed while the magic happens. and i even caught the chance to watch another performance.

the very next day when we both are back in town, it was the first time we actually sat down for dinner together and got to know each other better at dins. he gave me a small surprise. enough to make me smile. and then i somehow agreed to watching Oujia with him. (imma scardey cat who hates horror/ghost movies) which he ended up in laughter through the movie while i embarrassed myself with idiotic screams. and oh that night, i had nightmares i just had to bug him and not let him sleep. heh.

dates after dates, movies after movies. it didn't take us long and we probably realize that it was mutual understanding that we were already together but yet i had to make him ask. and yes, the way he asked made me melt. the shyness in him. blew me away.

as far as i can recall, as far as it goes through my mind, no games or tricks were needed. no sweet talks. it all happened as naturally as possible.

there were occasions when he almost blew it and there were days that i gave him bad roller coaster rides. i'm glad we pulled through everything together. with a some thunderstorm days and sunshine, we're now enjoying the rainbow together.

our time spent together is very simple. with lots of coffee, talks and cuddles. lots of random laughter but a whole lot of happiness. him being addicted to my hobby and me enjoying watching him do his.

my baby boy, we haven't have known each other for long but being with u made me felt like i've known u all my life. i look forward to more of us, a lifetime of the both of us. thank you for coming in to my life. with a whole lot of sampatness, today marks the 38th day we're together. i love u teddy~
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  1. Glad to know your love story... 好きです!!
    Wish you 2 happy lovely forever.... muak muakz..

  2. Aww cute love story! Wishing both of you happiness together :)



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