[TAKE A STEP] Hello Kitty Town JB

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Had to be the specky girl coz my contact lens died from the rain during the marathon and I forgotten to bring extra disposable contact lens along for this trip. We left for Hello Kitty Town from Singapore after checking out from hotel and nommed at Puteri Harbour before we heading in to the "town".

Arrived before lunch time and found the stage that Flying Pan was gonna perform at.

To my surprise, this town is actually more of a one level of Hello Kitty cuteness. Pretty small place which is basically meant for the kids rather than adults. The only activity that is suitable for adults is probably taking lots of photos.

Being an annoying adult who loves kitty, I decided to do all of the activities and also take photos with the characters! Thee wait for each activity was pretty long so we kinda wasted our time there.

Being a big kid at heart, I did have some fun although this place wasn't how I expected it to be like hahaha~

After all the activities and photo taking, we waited for awhile more before Flying Pan went on stage. Watched them perform their usual set (well this time with a change of ending song) and then headed towards JPO for some shopping before heading back to KL.That was pretty much my day.
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