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Twenty Fourteen in a Nutshell

Wednesday, December 24, 2014
i guess it is time to stop and look back at all the highlights of twenty fourteen for me.

twenty fourteen start off in the simplest way possible. there wasn't anything special besides me being at camerons for the first time for company trip (oh i left that company already btw). did one of my proudest work for Kenny for Valentines this year too!

[Events] Twenty3 | Chapter One Launch

Monday, December 22, 2014

it's my second time walking the catwalk for Twenty3. previously i walked their bridesmaids collection during the KLPJ Wedding fair back in April but i was too busy i didn't blog about it. maybe i'll do a throwback later on k? heh~

[Beauty] Daily Make Up Routine

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

first impression is always important. you wouldn't want to wake up looking like a ghost to meet someone new or attend an interview underdressed and not looking your best would you?

#JxY_ | How It All Started

Monday, December 15, 2014

it takes two hearts to beat, two souls to go on a journey, two hands to cling on to each other, and two knots to tie each other. it took us to a whole new adventure.

Of Relationships and Mind Games

Friday, December 12, 2014

so i was watching this video by Jinnyboy earlier today. and here's my verdict on relationship and mind games.

it's a fact that these days, many of us tend to play mind games before getting into an official relationship. it all begins by adding each other on social media after meeting for the first time. perhaps not even meeting at all by using dating apps such as Tinder / Paktor and so on. u wait for a couple of days, mayb months before you approve their Facebook request or say your first "Hi". while the other person takes a couple of hours before replying u. and it goes on and on...

u don't reply a long sentence coz u think it may sound desperate. or you opt to wait for the other person to start the conversation.

for goodness sake, if you're already on social dating apps, are u even that shy or embarrassed in the first place to make the first move?

u probably might not get it that there are shy guys as well. girls, why can't u make the first move? no one is gonna call u a slut if u act first. there's no harm in dropping a hint in letting the other person know that u are interested. drop your first "Hi" to start the conversation, find mutual topics, send a random funny image, anything u can think of!

[TAKE A STEP] Hello Kitty Town JB

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Had to be the specky girl coz my contact lens died from the rain during the marathon and I forgotten to bring extra disposable contact lens along for this trip. We left for Hello Kitty Town from Singapore after checking out from hotel and nommed at Puteri Harbour before we heading in to the "town".

Marathon | Hello Kitty Run Singapore 2014

Wednesday, December 10, 2014
sorry for the backlog post! i know i've not been updating frequently enough! please forgive me.

so anyway earlier last month i've headed down to singapore for Hello Kitty run. i'd say it was massive. there were thousands and thousands of us doing the run.

upon arrival, i got in touch with Jyuri first to get my race pack from her and then got myself changed for the run. guess there were just too many of us, it ended up being a standstill and walkaton instead. mehhhhh....

Omnoms | The Porki Society

Wednesday, December 3, 2014
*this post is non-halal. sorry if you are a malay reader. :)

personally, i've not tried Boat Noodles / Big Spoon or anything similar like that. i did drop by Boat Noodles once but the queue was so long i gave up.

of being judged.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

waking up to a brand new day knowing that from the decision made and posting of my latest update yesterday would have upset and shocked many. i'm pretty sure that there are many that would have started judging me with their very colourful eyes. words like childish, selfish, bitchy, show off, disrespectful would come easily.

humans are naturally selfish. especially when it comes to emotional feeling. who would want to be hurt? who would want to experience heart pain? neither one of us want to. but there will be times when certain decisions have to be made. to stay put or to move on.

who would have guessed things like this would happen so easily. even i myself did not prepare myself for any of these.

at least im here to face and bear the consequences of my decision. rather than hiding in the dark.

for those who have known me and understood me would know that i am someone who have always been worried and upset whenever being judged. i could have managed the settings, and hid them away from some of you but i chose not to. so, it is quite a huge decision for me to do something like this and . but heck, this is part of life.

i guess people grow up and change. so did i.

there isn't need for explanation on the decisions that i've made, on whatever that had happened because no one else would know what exactly had happened and understand besides us. whatever had happened was a beautiful memory which i will always keep with me with no regrets.

for whoever that feels sick and disgusted looking at my photos or updates, feel free to remove me from your friend list if it makes u happy.

at the end of the day, i've chosen to go on this brand new adventure and there wont be any regrets.

so go ahead, judge me. i will take them in as a learning to strengthen myself even better.

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