Take A Step | On the land of Bangkok 1.0 Episode Five

Thursday, November 20, 2014

We had to queue to have tea at Hello Kitty Cafe Bangkok. With two cray girls who loves Hello Kitty, the boys had to come along with no rants.

As expected the place would be in all pink and dreamy, very very very girly. In fact it was a little too girly but I still enjoyed my time there. Simply because it is cozy and not over packed. They limit their customers so you've got to wait for a group to leave before entering. Which is actually quite good.

Plus u get a designated table so you don't have to "chup" tables.

There were so many pretty cakes to choose but we were pretty full so we only ordered 3 different types of cakes and 4 drinks. Everything is so pretty and dreamy i just couldn't put myself together to eat them! but we still end up gobbling down everything since we already paid for them.

How could i resist not posing for a cup of tea with kitty at such a beautiful place. If only i could paint my room like this and have pink sofas!

After that we headed back to Siam Paragon for some Laduree! Just couldn't resist not trying them out since i'm already in Bangkok and they have it here.
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