Darts | MSDO Championship 2014

Thursday, November 27, 2014

it was the event of the year that i've been anticipating and training hard for. this year, the number of players doubled up, which means even tougher fights for me and everyone else who played last year.

i woke up really early before my alarm rang on the first day being really excited! i guess i was a lil too excited. but hey, the excitement works! meeting old friends and getting to know new ones as well.

got to the venue, registered and got my rating checked. the usual routine. before warming up and saying all the HELLOs!

on the first day, i played the Dynamic Duos and managed to clinch top 32 out of 64 players qualifying before being knocked off by 2 awesome ladies from Mffy Singapore. if only the both of us played a lil better, we prolly get into top 16. but hey, we did our bests. plus if i compare to last year, i was at the bottom of the round robin chart and i didn't qualify. although i did bag Joint 3rd in Random Hook Up last year.

and i'm really proud of my awesome teammates, Cecile & Cody for coming in at Top 8!

as for the evening game of Random Hook Up, i have to admit i played really badly which i am very guilty towards my partner. but i'm really proud of my awesome baby girl, Sabby for being the champion! woohooo!

well, sadly i think the official photogs didn't like me coz out of so many photos i didn't manage to find any of me during my games :( boohooo but hey at least i had my lil fan who came support and accompany me the whole day plus helping me snap a couple or photos, thanks SammyMi!

on the 2nd day, i didn't play as well but hey at least we still tried and had lots of fun with the team! i didn't stay till the end of all the games as i was too exhausted. plus i was a lil disappointed in myself. so i wanted to hibernate n hide at home lol! but when i heard about all the excitement towards the end of the night, i kinda regretted not staying back! darn...

overall i had lots of fun, i'm sure everyone else there felt the same way too! and i will definitely look forward to even tougher competition next year!

i'd really like to thank my partner, CK for the awesome partnership and games, my teammates TrebleMaker, my sponsor Fit Flight, the team from IDM for the hard work, SammyMi for coming to support, of course baby boy Justin, Selina & Mei Xin for coming by too!

till then, we shall meet again in upcoming games. i shall train hard and buck up!
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