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Darts | MSDO Championship 2014

Thursday, November 27, 2014

it was the event of the year that i've been anticipating and training hard for. this year, the number of players doubled up, which means even tougher fights for me and everyone else who played last year.

クリスマスの意味。The Meaning of Christmas.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

it is the time that i've been waiting all year long
it is the season that i love most
it is the festive that i'd want to be with that special person

it doesn't really matter what we'll do
it doesn't really matter what gifts or if there will be any
what really matter is the time that i'm gonna spend with u

tis the season to be jolly and merry
the season of love for family
the season of love for the loved one

for christmas is the most meaningful day to me
it is the most beautiful celebration to me
and the most romantic of all for me

for if i've said i wanted to be with u on this day
u should know how much u mean to me
for if u've decided not to be with me on this day
i will understand that i may not mean anything to u

for all that i want for christmas
u will have to find out
for who i want to be with on christmas
for u should feel it within u


Monday, November 24, 2014

a wandering wanderlust
with her mind wandering into space
a space of empty thoughts

probably there was too much on her mind
probably she wanted to take things off her mind
probably she didn't know what to do with her mind

let her wander
let her fall
for that she will find her ways
ways to stand up once again

for she is no one
for she wants to be no where
for she has lost her mind

far far away
on a wanderlust journey
let her be


Take A Step | On the land of Bangkok 1.0 Episode Five

Thursday, November 20, 2014

We had to queue to have tea at Hello Kitty Cafe Bangkok. With two cray girls who loves Hello Kitty, the boys had to come along with no rants.

Take A Step | On the land of Bangkok 1.0 Episode Four

Monday, November 10, 2014

Woke up to day three and headed over to Siam area which we started off with lunch at Siam Paragon. lunch was at the food court of course. Since it would be pretty fast. We also did the stupid poses outside the food court acting all scared inside the shark mouth.


Friday, November 7, 2014

tomorrow never knows.
zutto. zutto.
never give up. on your dreams.

it is un-explainable.
it is indescribable.

it happens as when it happens.
it leaves as when it leaves.

sometimes it happens so fast.
so fast that you're unable to think before reacting.

sometimes it is not how long you've known each other.
because when it is the right time, u just have to hold on.

sometimes it is not how much time you've spent with each other.
because not everyone waits. not every fate waits.

the only explanation is...
when both held on to each other.
when both appreciates and treasure each other.
when they learn to accept and compromise with no force.


we cross paths on many occasions.
we brushed pass each other at many places.
yet. we did not meet.

it is fate that brings us together.
to have known each other.

may it be friendships.
may it be a new relationship.
may it be soul mates.

may it be an ending.
may it be enemies.

it takes us through many new challenges.
some may not pull through it.
others may end up with the ending they always dreamt.

always believe in it.
always have faith in it.

because if it's meant to be, it will be.
if it's not meant to be, it will never be even if by force.

appreciate it.
treasure it.

何ですか?What is?

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


two souls walked as one. 
bracing on different challenges.
venturing on a journey that they own.

two souls loved as one.
accepting each other's flaws.
with no complaints, with no rage.

giving their all.
appreciating the times that they had.
sharing and loving.

protecting each other.
not letting go when one was falling.
zutto. believing in fate.


there were many mistakes made.
that were never fixed.

there were love given.
that were unappreciated.

they did not understand each other's needs and wants.
they expected return. they forgotten on giving and not just receiving.
they forgotten it was a two way communication.

there were barriers. huge barriers that could not be broken.
there were issues. big issues that were never resolved.
they were overlooked as small matters.

these two were unaware.
unaware that they have both took different paths.
paths that would have led them to a different ending.
to an unexpected ending.


it comes to a point where these two souls can no longer hold on together.
with all the mistakes made throughout their journey.
with all the hurt and pain. all the selfishness.

and they..

embark on a new journey. when one fate ends, another new journey begins.
always have faith in fate. because fate will bring u to a new adventure.
an adventure that you will look forward to experiencing.

this is the end of a journey of three years.
this is the end of it.
it has been some time.and not many have heard of it.

it took some time but
i am ready.

those were beautiful memories.
memories that will be kept safe.

there will be questions.
there will be many WHYs?


all that could be said is...

heads up. move on. step forward.
there is no point standing at the starting point.
stop dwelling in the past.
time will not turn back.
even if there are or will be regrets.

this is life. but remember. to always believe.
there will be someone out there. 
waiting for you.




Tuesday, November 4, 2014

There are times in life when there's something u have to let go although u may not want to. There are times in life when u don't have a choice. There are times in life when u've got to smile and move forward. But the fact that this is life.

Perhaps there are many things in life that you're not willing to let go off. Perhaps you are stuck somewhere in between letting go and holding on. At this point of time, the best thing is to do a little something different from your daily routine. Instead of hot coffee, perhaps a cup of iced tea. Or you could embark on a brand new journey to somewhere new. You might just see things in a whole new different perspective.

Sometimes you have to walk away from what you want to find what you deserve. Sometimes you have to make that decision in life. Even if it is so harsh that you might end up regretting it some day. Even if you have to be the mean and hurtful person. But there are these times when you just have to be that person. Even if it takes to be judged.

There's one thing to always bare in mind, that no matter what you say or do, there will always be someone judging you. Because you can never please everyone in the world.

So stop trying so hard because you don't have to impress the whole world. You just have to be you to take what it takes and do what it makes for your own future. Yes, this may sound a little on the selfish side but basically this is human nature. We tend to be a little selfish especially when it comes to emotional feelings. We put ourselves before anyone else.

Don't let the words, actions and attitude of others affect ur emotion, smile and life. Because you live your life.

And as time goes by.... we travel a little further on a different journey.

We have different mind sets, We took different paths. Without realizing it. At the point of realization, it may be a little too late to turn back time. We've walked our journey differently. We've set our journey differently. Yet we did not realize we were doing it together. Yet there was a huge misunderstanding that it wasn't the way it was expected to turn out.

It is a risk. A risk so high it is worse than forex at any point of time. Yet all of us would take our chances.

Once taken, there will be one who might end up in pain....

The only constant in life is change. Human changes. Their way of living, mindset and feelings change. Some would remain as who they are but most change as they grow older. Some change for the better. Some for the worse. But remember not to change yourself for someone else. Change because you think it is for the best of you. And appreciate every person and moment before anything changes because this is part of life.

Enjoy life to the fullest, and make the best out of it! As so I've said it. :)

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