Take A Step | On the land of Bangkok 1.0 Episode Three

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Woke up to day two and the original plan was to head to the floating market but it was really far and no cab wanted to take us there on a fair fare so we decided to just stay in town and shop at Platinum instead.

I must say that even the food at the food court in Bangkok is so so so yummy. Food court food in Malaysia are mostly over priced and not so yummy.

After Platinum Mall shopping, we walked back to our hotel to change into new clothes (that i got from union and plat mall) and headed off to Asiatique. It was quite a distance from our hotel to Asiatique so I managed to get a quick nap on the cab.

Walked through the different Sois to shop around and I managed to find the Kiss Me Doll scarf shop there. All the scarfs are soooooo pretty I wanna bring them all home but it is too expensive really (but worth the money for quality and design) so i only got myself 1 piece of scarf and 1 more shawl.

Got really hungry while waiting for PK's friend so we ended up eating first. We've always heard that Japanese in Thailand is much nicer than in KL, so we had Japanese for dins this time. Well, it was ok. Nothing fancy compared to having it in KL. Maybe a slightly cheaper and bigger portion.

After dins, we continued our shopping and then a quick ride up on the Ferris Wheel~~~ the view up there was definitely amazing and beautiful.
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