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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

After a quick shower and change, we head out for dins at Cabbages & Condom which was one of the popular spots in Bangkok. and of course you wouldn't be able to find something like this in KL. The thing I didn't like about taking the cab from the hotel was most cabbies would give u a flat rate instead of running on the meter but it would be so much cheaper if we got 1 with meter.

We ended up going by a flat rate cabbie since there were 4 of us and we were really hungry already. So as the restaurant name claims, the place is decorated with condoms and you get to take some condoms back too! Downstairs was fully taken so we headed upstairs for our dinner.

I wouldn't say the food is awesome but it was still pretty good and the portion was considerably ok. Only thing we didn't try there was their tomyam soup as we already had tomyam in the morning.

But I must say that I love their mango sticky rice. Perfectly done for my personal preference! Their mango melts in the mouth and the texture of the rice is really good!

Couldn't resist a selfie with all their awesome art pieces omigosh! Look at the huge santa behind me!

We called the day off early coz birthday boy wasn't feeling very well and headed home with a tuk tuk ride to the hotel!
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