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Monday, October 6, 2014

This is the very first time I ever flew out of the country so early. Note to self. Never ever do that ever again! I had to leave for the airport at 3.00am to arrive at 3.45am because I was told that it took many people quite some time to search for their platforms in KLIA2 and that many have missed their flights. Bad tip indeed.

Well, yes you walk a little further but you won't need a hour to hunt for the platform. A good tip would be don't go through the immigration too early as there's nothing to shop inside. Total waste of 2 hours waiting for our flight to arrive.

We arrived at bangkok at 7.50am and by the time we got our luggage and settled our local sim cards, it was only 8.30am. So we decided to head towards our first destination hoping to get our Mcdonalds samurai pork burger for breakfast. Unfortunately all malls only open at 10am so we had to find a place to sit down and wait for time to pass.

Finally got our hands on samurai pork burger and I managed to grab this extra hello kitty back to add to my collection! woohooo!!~~

After filling our tummies, we took a walk in Central Plaza before heading over to Union Mall for our shopping war with the guys sitting at the cafes waiting for us to finish with our war. Only had a small damage of roughly 400B, with about 10 pieces of clothes, 1 clutch and some accessories. Not to bad right?

For those who are planning on a shopping trip to Bangkok, you may want to head to Union Mall instead of Platinum. Its much more spacious in Union Mall with less people and quality is way better.

Right after, we headed over to Terminal 21 for more shopping and mall viewing! Had lunch at the food court before we continue dragging our luggage around doing our cray shopping.

We didn't manage to look at all the different levels at Terminal 21 as we were already running late for our check-in but i am truly impressed with the details and design for every floor. From Rome to Paris to Tokyo and there's also UK upstairs! Such a waste we only managed to roam through Rome, Paris & Tokyo.

Then headed to the hotel to check-in and for a quick nap then shower.
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