Dream Trip to Macau

Sunday, October 26, 2014
I've been to a couple of countries in Asia including Hong Kong which was 7 years ago but yet to have the chance to visit Macau! there are so many reasons for me to go which i am already saving for. and here are my top 3 reasons for dreaming a trip to Macau!

1. Historical Buildings & Guia Fortress

This is pretty cliche but when u visit a country, you'll definitely have to see the best of them! Having to see my besties and other friends selfie-ing with these beautiful architectures always turn me into an envious green monster. Plus Guia Fortress is located at the highest peak of the Guia Hill! simply gorgeous!

2. Darting with Macau Players

and as my readers know I love darts and there are so many awesome darters in Macau that I would like to personally meet and learn from them! I was supposed to go earlier this year for a tournament which I had to skip due to work reasons. :(

3. Jumping off Macau Tower

Look at that beautiful Macau Tower. It has always been on my bucket list that I've been longing to do! To jump off Macau Tower with that awesome scream while enjoying the awesome view from up above! and me being a scardey cat would really want to do it right NOW!

i guess i really am craving for that crazy adrenaline rush right now looking at these really awesome jump photos! and they say when you're craving for it, it is the best time to do it. else you'll be over with it and not able to do it ever again! :(

biggest bonus would definitely be all the awesome yummy good street food! om nom nom nomssssss!

and with these three reasons, I really do hope that  Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO) and Nuffnang Malaysia would make this crazy dream come true for me!!! pretty please~~~~
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  1. Good luck!! We just posted about our 8 days trip to Melbourne aand Tasmania. Feel free to browse at www.thetravelling3o.com

    Thank you & all the best!!!

  2. Nice write up! Macau looks very interesting!

  3. Nice one and good luck!


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