Omnoms | John Ross Jr at The Curious Goat

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

finally had time to go through and edit all the needed pictures for this write up! yay! many thanks to Radius for introducing me for this nom-ing food review! 

this nom tasting was held at The Curious Goat, an artisan coffee place which is located at Damansara Perdana. reviews on this place and their coffee coming up in the next post!

here's a quick brief on John Ross Jr Salmons.
- they supply their salmons to Her Majesty, The Queen & the Royal family for over 25 years
- they've won numerous awards
- no preservative added, which means you can only keep it fresh for about 20 days
- you can find these premium smoked salmons at BIG and many other top supermarkets.

we started off with fresh 3 different flavours of smoked salmon slices. my overall favourite was the whiskey infused. despite the salmons being smoked and whiskey infused, you can still taste the freshness of the salmon.

to enhance the tastes of the salmon, pair the smoked salmon with Inverawe Hot Banana Chutney or Coln Valley Mustard & Dill Sauce. i personally love the dill sauce as it matched perfectly with the salmons!

next we were served with both open and pressed sandwiches. if you're feeling a little lazy to make them at home, you can always feel free to drop by the curious goat for this yummy serving of John Ross Jr Smoked Salmon open sandwich. super noms!

i'll be reviewing on The Curious Goat in my upcoming post. probably after i'm back from bkk. which will be pretty late. for now, toodles~~~
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