[Cuppa] The Curious Goat

Monday, September 22, 2014

as promised here's my quick write up on The Curious Goat. sorry it has taken me soooooooo long as i've just returned to kl from my bangkok trip. yes! that means bangkok trip write ups coming up really soon. *well after 76 starhill launch*

the name came about based on a very famous myth whereby a little curious goat found the coffee fruit. and as there were 3 curious owners that started up this little cozy cafe, they decided to name it - The Curious Goat.

upon stepping into the place, you may miss it as there isn't a signboard but the place is brightly lit on the outside yet has a warmer and cozier interior.

you won't be able to find small tables or superb big crowd as this place as they have limited tables so this place wouldn't be too packed for their customers. with spacious walkways and big tables, you can find yourself sitting all day working through and feeling at ease.

some of their furnitures are made out of paper. interesting isn't it?

speaking about this place, the food served are as mentioned in the previous post but here's a quick look at the menu. trust me, their food is not only superb but also value for money!

so you're up for a cup of coffee or hot choc. here's the deal, if you see their super master sifu *as i call him* make sure you get him to draw you an awesome art coz he can draw almost anything - well he'd try his best to draw you anything.

and yes, the food and coffee is so awesome i went there two days in a row and again a couple of days later with different friends. and all of them agrees with me on their good food, great coffee and awesome environment!

i will be back really soon! as for now, i'd continue more cafe hopping to try more coffees and hot chocs!
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